Gear Bag – Gold Beige

Outer fabric: 2520 denier Japanese-made Ballister Nylon
Lining fabric : Water Repellent Finish 100% Cotton Canvas
Bottom: Tarpaulin
Handle: Nylon belt
Size: W:530mm×D:260mm×H:330mm
Weight: 2,000g
Made in Japan



Japanese ballister nylon, with Gold beige as its base color and black coloring accents is so stylish. It is 100% rich cotton canvas with water repellent coating. You can enjoy different fabric texture between ballister nylon and cotton canvas. Red stitch line runs smoothly on a black fabric. It has the dynamic square form, which is produced by skilled Japanese craftsman. And it is made of well-selected good quality materials. sunsetclimax provides you a gorgeous and rich outdoor gear bag.



    温かな素材の肌触りを感じながら、ミシンを走らせる。頑なに帆布にこだわるのは、丈夫であれば長く愛されることを知っているから。一流の帆布職人がTOKYOでつくるキャンバスバッグ。HANDMADE IN TOKYO. 株式会社茂木商工の青燕印。


    While feeling warmth of canvas fabric, a craftsman sews with a machine. He stick to a canvas fabric because he knows his customers love to use it for a long time if product is tough and strong. Original canvas bag is made by top craftsman in Tokyo. HANDMADE IN TOKYO. Trademark is BLUE SWALLOW of Mogi Shoko co.,ltd.

  • 株式会社茂木商工

    1948年、東京都荒川区に帆布販売問屋として創業、後に帆布の縫製加工を始める。アパレル関係の袋物の縫製加工、厚物特殊生地の縫製加工を手掛けるなどして代々発展。4代目となる現在は帆布生地の小売、バッグ等のカスタムオーダーを展開。生み出されるプロダクトすべてに下町情緒が薫る東京発のTHE CANVAS FACTORY。

    Mogi Shoko co.,ltd.

    Established in 1948 as a canvas fabric wholesale in Arakawa, Tokyo. They started sewing and processing operation of canvas in their early years. They have been developing through a canvas bag processing and a sort of thick fabric processing with special sewing skills during their generations. Now the 4th generation has started a retail sales of canvas and custom made order. All their products have an atmosphere of a friendly old downtown craftsman’s spirit of THE CANVAS FACTORY in Tokyo.

Functional Design

  • 必要なキャンプギアを想定した、

    Comfortable size to stuff your gears which you have. W:530mm×D:280mm×H:330mm

  • 帆布製の脱着式間仕切りプレートを使って、バッグの内部スペースを自由にアレンジ。 高さのある水筒なども倒れにくいように調節可能です。

    You can arrange inside space of bag with removable internal dividers which is made of canvas as you like. A tall bottle can be fixed not to fall down in a bag.

  • ショルダーの取り付け可能なリングを装備しました。(オプション・近日発売予定)

    Prepared a metal ring to put a shoulder strap. (Sold separately.)

  • フィールドに直接置いた時の汚れや湿気対策として、底面にはメンテナンスしやすいターポリン生地を使用。

    A bottom fabric is made of tarpaulin. It is easy to maintain and wipe up dirt and moisture of the ground after use.

Gear Bag - Gold Beige

● 表生地
:TEIJIN パワーリップ®
● 裏生地
:綿100% 撥水加工帆布
● 底部生地
● 持ち手
● サイズ
:W:530mm × D:260mm × H:330mm
● 重量

販売価格 43,200円 (本体価格40,000円)

Gear Bag - Gold Beige

Outer fabric
:2520 denier Japanese-made Ballister Nylon
Lining fabric
:Water Repellent Finish 100% Cotton Canvas
:Nylon beltl
Made in Japan

Price : JPY 43,200 (JPY 40,000 w/o tax)