Jisugi cup / Jisugi cup L

Material:Yakushima Jisugi(Thinned cedar wood)
Jisugi cup:Diameter 95mm × Height 75mm Volume:app. 145ml
Jisugi cup L:Diameter 100mm × Height 85mm Volume:app. 200ml
Original pouch included / Synthetic suede with original rope and logo tag
Made in Japan

Jisugi cupのご購入はこちらSHOP (Jisugi cup) Jisugi cup Lのご購入はこちらSHOP (Jisugi cup L)

Handmade wooden cup


両手で包み込める大きさで、可愛らしさあふれるJisugi cup。
ひとまわり大きなサイズのJisugi cup L。


Dynamic and powerful look seems like a Yakushima.
Soft scent of an original cedar float in the air.
Easy holding, beautiful shape express its softness.
Inspiration from wrapping with both hands.
There are 2 sizes, which you can choose as you like.
More often you use it, more and more charm it has.


  • World Heritage Island


    World Heritage Island

    Yakushima is located approximately 60 kilometers south of the southern tip of the Peninsula in southern Kyushu. There are ancient forests has Yakusugi aged 1,000 years and more. And those mountains in this island has various original flora. Yakushima has a unique environment and a typical ecosystem. Many tourists would be fascinated by dynamic and beautiful nature of Yakushima. Yakushima has been designated a natural World Heritage Site since 1993.

  • Yakushima Jisugi -屋久島地杉


    Yakushima Jisugi

    They planted young Yakushima cedar on the island. Local people call the plantation cedar “Jisugi”.Though it's tough climate, there are southernmost plantation cedar of Japan. Jisugi receive the blessing of sun and rain in Yakushima. Lively woodgrain pattern is dynamic and powerful. It is a proof that Jisugi receives a gene of Yakusugi.

Functional Design

  • 屋久島地杉ならではのダイナミックで美しい木目

    Dynamic and beautiful typical grain of Yakushima Jisugi

  • 高級感あふれるオリジナルポーチ付き

    Original storage pouch included

  • 底面にはレーザーで刻まれたsunsetclimaxロゴマーク

    sunsetclimax logo by laser marking at the bottom

  • -Artist information-

    Artist information
    Kashima Shigeto / Yakusugi woodcraft artist
    Kashima’s delicate handmade skill express a dynamic Yakusugi wood grain. He is a next generation craftsman with a traditional skill and a new sensibility.

Jisugi cupのご購入はこちらSHOP (Jisugi cup)

Jisugi cup

● 本体
● サイズ
:直径95mm × 高さ75mm
● 容量
● 専用ポーチ
:人工スエード オリジナルロープ ロゴネーム

販売価格 16,200円 (本体価格15,000円)

Jisugi cup

:Yakusyima Jisugi(Thinned cedar wood)
:Diameter 95mm × Height 75mm
:app. 145mL
Original pouch included
:Synthetic suede with original rope and logo tag

Price : JPY 16,200 (JPY 15,000 w/o tax)

Jisugi cup Lのご購入はこちらSHOP (Jisugi cup L)

Jisugi cup L

● 本体
● サイズ
:直径100mm × 高さ85mm
● 容量
● 専用ポーチ
:人工スエード オリジナルロープ ロゴネーム

販売価格 19,440円 (本体価格18,000円)

Jisugi cup L

:Yakusyima Jisugi(Thinned cedar wood)
:Diameter 100mm × Height 85mm
:app. 200mL
Original pouch included
:Synthetic suede with original rope and logo tag

Price : JPY 19,440 (JPY 18,000 w/o tax)

  • ・ハンドメイドで製作している為、製品に個体差があります。ご了承ください。
  • ・ご使用後のお手入れは家庭用中性洗剤を使い、柔らかいスポンジなどでやさしく洗ってください。
  • ・研磨剤入りの洗剤、硬いたわしでの洗浄はできません。防水劣化、木質腐食の原因となります。
  • ・濡れた状態で放置すると材の劣化・カビ・細菌などの発生の恐れがあります。洗浄後は乾いた布などで水滴を拭き取り、十分に乾燥させてから保管してください。
  • ・高温多湿、直射日光が当たる場所では保管しないでください。
  • ・食洗機、食器乾燥機、電子レンジの使用はおやめください。
  • ・お湯や 水に長く浸さないで下さい。変形・割れ・ひび割れ等が発生する恐れがあります。
  • ・沸騰した熱湯を注がないでください。
  • ・本製品使用当初、杉特有の香りがします。屋久島地杉の香りをお楽しみください。使用頻度に応じて香りは薄くなります。
Instructions for use
  • ・The product is hand-made so that there are individual differences.
  • ・Use natural detergent when washing a cup.
  • ・Wash a cup with soft sponge gently. Do not use scrub brush otherwise coating may come off or it may become rotten.
  • ・Dry a cup up properly after washing.
  • ・Do not keep a cup in a place of high moisture or direct sunshine.
  • ・Do not use a washing machine / dry machine / microwave.
  • ・Do not put a cup in a water. It might cause a crack / sprit / deformation.
  • ・Do not pour hot boiled water into a cup.
  • ・It has nice cedar smell for a while after start using a cup. This smell goes out gradually depending on usage frequency.